Achieve the Perfect Extraction - The Best Grind Size for Your Coffee

When crafting a perfect cup of coffee, there are many factors to consider. From the freshness of the beans to the fineness of the grind, each element works in tandem to extract the coveted flavors and aromas of the coffee bean. One of the most important factors can often be overlooked: The grind size.

The grind size is essential to achieving the perfect extraction. The grind size is the measure of how coarse or fine the coffee beans are. A coarser grind is best used for a French press, while a finer grind is suited for an Espresso. A proper grind size can significantly reduce the amount of time the water is in contact with the ground beans, thus extracting the subtle flavors and aromas.

The grind settings on most coffee grinders vary between “fine” and “coarse”. The optimal grind size for a French press should be somewhere between the two. You want the grounds to be a little coarser than what you would use for an espresso, but not too coarse or it will take too long to extract the flavors. To achieve the perfect extraction in a French press, aim for a medium-coarse grind size, similar to the texture of sea salt.

For an espresso, the grounds should be more finely ground, similar to the texture of table salt. If the beans are ground too finely, you can end up with an overly bitter extraction because the water has been in contact with the coffee grounds for too long. Alternatively, if the grind is too coarse, the water won’t come into adequate contact with the beans, resulting in a weak and watery cup of coffee.

In conclusion, the key to achieving the perfect extraction is understanding the importance of the grind size, and the perfect grind size for any given brewing style. A medium-coarse grind for a French press, and a finer grind for an espresso, will provide the ideal foundation for extracting all the flavors and aromas from the coffee bean.

Papua New Guinea ELIMBARI coffee beans, 200 g artisan coffee beans
Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea ELIMBARI coffee beans, 200 g

15.00 €

ELIMBARI is a rare and exotic coffee grown in small farms in the CHUAVE region of Papua New Guinea, with a unique spicy and bitter taste. Roasted very dark, its flavor profile boasts notes of pomelo peel, nutmeg, cloves, dark chocolate, and tobacco, making it a must-try for coffee lovers who enjoy bold flavors.


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