How Many Calories Are in Coffee?

Kicking caffeine habit is a challenge for many people. This can be even more difficult when you realize that a single cup of coffee can contain up to 150 calories, depending on how it is prepared.

Calorie content in coffee depends on the type of coffee beans you choose, the amount of grinds, your brewing method, and the type of milk or cream added. Generally, a single cup of brewed coffee contains approximately 2 calories. An espresso shot has fewer and about 3 to 4 calories, while an instant coffee can range between 40 to 80 calories. Adding cream and some sugar will further increase the calorie content.

The tradition Italian cappuccino has a higher caloric content due to its combination of espresso, hot milk, and foam. This combination alone has 105-120 calories with 6-9g of fat. Adding syrup can add an extra 15 calories or more. Frappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos are known to be higher in calories since they contain more added ingredients such as sugar and milk.

Therefore, when it comes to the number of calories in coffee, it really depends on the way you prepare it. Depending on the combination of coffee beans, steam, and toppings, you can make a calorie-dense drink or just a few calories of black coffee. Ultimately, the calorie content of your coffee is in your hands.

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