How to Ensure Optimal Freshness and Flavor by Storing Your Coffee Beans

It’s no secret that coffee’s taste and aroma are largely dependent on the quality and freshness of its beans. For coffee aficionados who want the most from their brew, proper storage of beans is essential for that perfect cup of joe. Here’s a primer on how to store your coffee beans for maximum freshness and flavor.

The most important thing to consider when storing coffee beans is how long you plan to store them. For short-term storage, up to a few weeks, an airtight container is key. Look for containers with good seals and thick walls, such as glass jars or ceramic canisters. Keep your beans away from humidity, sunlight and heat, so the container should also be dark. Make sure there’s no ground coffee residue or other foreign objects inside the container.

For longer-term storage, a vacuum-sealed bag is the ideal choice. This kind of bag will both keep the air and moisture out, while also protecting the beans from light and temperature variations. You can use the resealable type, or invest in a more robust version made for coffee storage. Place the beans in the bag and store in a cool, dry place.

Finally, storage containers should be well labeled, so you can easily keep track of when you first added the beans, and when they’ll need changing. Use a marker to write the date of purchase and ‘best before’ dates, so you’ll always know when it’s time to get a new batch.

By taking the time to store your coffee beans properly, you can ensure that your favorite blend will always remain at its best. When done correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious cup of coffee, the taste of which will linger with you long after you’ve finished it. Do it right, and you’ll never have to worry about stale beans again!

Papua New Guinea ELIMBARI coffee beans, 200 g artisan coffee beans
Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea ELIMBARI coffee beans, 200 g

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ELIMBARI is a rare and exotic coffee grown in small farms in the CHUAVE region of Papua New Guinea, with a unique spicy and bitter taste. Roasted very dark, its flavor profile boasts notes of pomelo peel, nutmeg, cloves, dark chocolate, and tobacco, making it a must-try for coffee lovers who enjoy bold flavors.


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